ESG Initiatives

Ideal Completions' commitment to a better tomorrow

Environmentally Friendly

At Ideal, we pride ourselves on exceptional environmental stewardship - continuously looking for ways to up our game to preserve the planet for the future. Right now that includes lowering emissions through fleet electrification and closed-loop flowback operations, reducing miles driven through smart planning, and avoiding spills through our Mission Zero program.

ROSS/Green Completions

ROSS, Ideal's Real-time Operated Smart System, is your environmental guardian angel on the wellsite. ROSS springs into action to provide the correct response to unsafe conditions before they occur, eliminating environmental hazards. Ideal's smart tank monitoring system complements our flowback services. Once rigged up, the system does not require any manual tank measurement, meaning nobody scaling tanks, and no tanks open to atmosphere. Eliminating spills once and for all.


We are commited to giving back to our local communities throughout North America. That is why we are proud partners of local charities in every region where we operate. Recent examples include participating in the MS-150 bike ride benefiting the national MS society, the Canadian Oilfield Riders weekend rally raising money for the Alberta Children's Hospital, and the Western North Dakota Rural Fire Department chili cook off. We are with our communities for the long-haul.

Strong Governance

At Ideal we have established a dedicated ESG committee, reflecting our commitment to upholding a high level of environmental, social, and governance performance.

Together we can work towards a shared vision of creating a better, more sustainable future for our company, stakeholders, and the communities where we operate.