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Are you an Ideal candidate?

Ideal is the industry leader in Flowback:

-You are joining an established team with over 500 years of management experience, whose core group has worked together for over a decade

-You will have the opportunity to work in every operating environment in North America, encountering all types of well conditions

-Having Ideal on your resume is proof that you know flowback inside and out

Ideal supports our people:

-We have a track record of promoting from within

-We offer the best training and development available

-We provide the latest in sand mitigation and automation technology, allowing you to work with cutting edge equipment

Reasons to work at Ideal

Mission zero safety program

Prepares you for the job and is our commitment to ensure you return safely from work after every day on the job.

The number one company in flowback

With a strong culture and team atmosphere.

competitive pay and benefits

Employees and their families are a priority to us. That includes supporting their health and well-being with a competitive benefit package.

Industry leading training programs

And continuing education. Keeping your skills current.

Commitment to progress

Ideal is always continuing to develop technologies to keep our market leadership position.

The Superior Value Commitment

The assurance of competency and highly skilled service providers

Benefit from the confidence that comes with knowing you will receive services from highly skilled professionals who undergo continuous training and improvement

Partnering with the best in the industry

Align yourself with a company that strives to be the best, offering top-notch service, innovative solutions and exceeding expectations

Enhanced communication and collaboration

Experience streamlined communication channels, open dialogue, and collaborative problem-solving for effective and efficient service

Consistency and reliability

Rely on a company that prioritizes continuity, adheres to standards, and delivers consistent quality and professionalism

Unforgettable positive experience

Receive exceptional service quality, commitment, and trust; leaving a lasting positive impression that sets the company apart